Take control of your English!

Personalized  1-on-1 coaching program 


If you've been running in circles, if you feel lost and don't know what to do to improve your English even after years of hard work and many hours spent attending courses,  a personalized program, created just for you in accordance with your specific needs is most definitely the right solution for you.  

 A personalized language coaching program will save you a lot of time and money because you'll be learning exactly what you need - no unnecessary information, no boring exercises. 

As a result, you will achieve your goals much faster with long-lasting results. It will help you learn how to learn, how to be in control and how to maintain your knowledge even after your coaching program.

Getting unstuck 

3-week accelerator program


This is not a traditional English course. You've tried those and there's obviously something missing. This program will provide the necessary clarity and put you on the right track.

It will teach you how to use the skills you already have to master English. It will provide very useful techniques you will implement immediately so that you can see progress, build your knowledge and visibly improve your English-speaking skills. It will show you how to work on what you really need without wasting any more time.

After the program, you will be able to continue working on your own because you will be perfectly aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you will know how to work around your problems, implement all the techniques you've learned in this program, and become start taking control of your English. 


Membership is the perfect choice if you're still not sure whether group or 1-on-1 programs are right for you or if you want to work on your own with just a little bit of guidance and the right resources. You will have access to tons of materials, useful tips, strategies and live sessions, live events, training videos, a structured action plan and monthly challenges with email and group support with unlimited feedback. 

We believe that you'll find a lot of value here and achieve all your goals. 

You can cancel your membership at  any time.

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