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Neurolanguage Coaching®

Personalized online courses

If you need faster results and effective learning strategies, then Neurolanguage Coaching®  is the right choice for you.

Take control of your English

   You don't need MORE grammar or MORE vocabulary. You just need the RIGHT grammer and the RIGHT vocabulary. You need the RIGHT approach


Starter Course

 (English for Beginners)

In this course, you will learn 3 basic things about English language which will help you acquire English in no time. You will start speaking from day one 

Business English Course 

(English for Intermediate + students)

In this course, you will learn everything you need for your professional career: give presentations, participate in meetings and videoconferences, communicate with colleagues and clients, write emails... More importantly, you will regain your confidence when speaking English and be ready for new career opportunities

Sports English

A truly unique English course for professional athletes. This course explains the basic structure and vocabulary  of the English language and helps professional athletes thrive

Neurolanguage Coaching® 

 Cost-effective and brain-friendly method which combines coaching principles and the principles of Neuroscience. Being familiar with the ways in which our brain works, a Neurolanguage Coach® creates a tailor-made program and an optimal environment in which the client achieves immediate and long-lasting results

The entire NL process follows the way in which our brain learns best.

My mission is to grow and to help others grow

The advantages of Neurolanguage Coaching® :

✓ More efficient and effective 

✓ Client actively involved in the process

✓ Faster language learning

✓ No books - we follow client's needs

✓ Everything is client-centred

✓ Whole process is brain friendly

✓ Life changing learning experience

✓ Cost effective - you learn more in less time

Is Neurolanguage Coaching® for you?

YES, if...

    ✓    You have tried all kinds of language courses and nothing worked

    ✓    You've been studying English for years now and still feel insecure

    ✓    You feel discouraged and frustrated

    ✓    You want immediate and long-lasting results

    ✓    You need structure and visible results

    ✓    You want to be in charge of the learning process

    ✓    You don´t want to waste any more time

There is no miraculous recipe that will help you master English overnight, but when you have clear structure and personalised guidance, you will reach your goals much faster and with long-lasting results. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and find out how I can help.

* Neurolanguage Coaching® - registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling