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My name is Daniela. I'm a Business English and a  Neurolanguage Coach® certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I hold a university degree in English Language and Literature and Cambridge Proficiency Certificate and I'm really passionate about coaching and about languages. I've been living my passion for more than 26 years now and working with some truly amazing clients. More here.

I seek excellence in everything I do and I cherish long-lasting professional relationships.

believe that we can do anything with the right approach. I offer personalized language learning programs because we're all unique and we just need to find out what works for us in order to triumph. 

My mission is to empower and transform with a clear action plan and radiant confidence. 

My clients are great professionals, mostly brilliant managers who need to thrive and make sure their teams thrive in a corporate environment. They need to communicate in English effectively but feel stuck at Intermediate level.  

I help you regain confidence by structuring the learning process according to your needs, by prioritizing the actions you need to take and by providing you with effective strategies and clear action plan that will help you take control of the learning process and communicate effectively in English. More importantly, I teach you how to continue improving on your own after my program.

First, I identify the main language problems you have. After that, I use all my knowledge and expertise to find a perfect method that suits your needs and expectation. We are all different and we learn in different ways.  As a Neurolanguage Coach®, I use principles of language coaching and the principles of Neuroscience to discover your needs and your learning preference and then find the best way in which your brain likes to work in order to provide a structured environment for your goals to be achieved within a defined period of time.

The method that I use is the result of more than two decades of experience, both personal and professional. I'm also a passionate language learner. I speak English (obviously) but also Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian (fluently) and I'm currently acquiring Catalan (pretty successfully, I must say). Being perfectly aware of the difficulties language learners face, I implement very efficient techniques that lead to quicker results with less effort. My kids are also multilingual - they speak 4 languages. 

I offer highly personalized programs, a unique learning experience, not simply English lessons. In our first session (which is always free of charge) we identify your problems and define your needs and expectations. After that, we set goals and determine steps to take and then we create a personalized program in accordance with your needs. Your personalized program will help you achieve immediate and long-lasting results.  

After the program, you'll be equipped with all the necessary tools that will help you maintain the acquired knowledge and keep improving on your own.

Apart from laser targeted corporate programs, I can help you take control of your English so that you can take control of your career in three ways:

1:1 personalized coaching program tailor-made to meet your specific needs (if you need personalized support and fast results, you need to prioritize your needs and the actions that you must take to meet those specific needs). 

The coaching program will provide structure and guidance. The program provides tactical support and a personalized detailed action plan created exclusively for you to solve your language problems, prioritize the steps you need to take and meet your needs within a defined period of time. During the program, we put everything you learn into practice so that you can see immediate results and prepare to work successfully on your own after the program thus taking control of your English.

G.O.A.L. - GET UNSTUCK Program (Get Over Anxiety  & Language Blocks)- a 5-week group program created to help you get unstuck in English (if you feel stuck, you need to learn how to move forward and how to continue working on your own after the program). 

The program will give you clarity, structure, solve your immediate problems, provide a clear action plan, techniques, and strategies that will help you work on your own after the program and take control of your English. You will understand what's holding you back and you'll learn how to deal with it.

CSC - Confident Speakers Community (if you want to take things slowly and work on your own with my feedback and support, joining my group support program is the right thing to do). 

Within the CSC, you can work on your own with tons of resources, a structured system, and my guidance and support with live group sessions, live /pre-recorded workshops, training and challenges. You can unsubscribe anytime you wish.

I have had the pleasure of working with clients from many companies (Deloitte, Banco de Portugal, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Securitas, E- Reciklaža, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, BAD SISTEMS, Keyrus...) and many industries (Project Managers, IT Specialists, CEOs, Accountants, Business Consultants, HR Managers, Personal Assistants, Finance Managers...) 

I'd like to invite you to a free 30-minute consultation call during which we will prioritize and talk about your language needs. You will be under no obligation to work with me, but I will point you in the right direction.

Success stories:

My dear clients say...

Assist. Prof. dr. Lazar Stošić, 

Research Associate

"Very talented and creative teacher who gave me a lot of knowledge in very short time. Practical lessons, flexible time, always cheerful and smiling. I did not, for a single moment, bring myself into doubt about attending classes. 

My modest knowledge that I acquired in the classes at EducaMentis helped me a lot to hold numerous lectures and guest appearances at many universities worldwide as a visiting professor. 

As someone who had many international lectures, I highly recommend this center.

Expertise, professionalism, kindness and flexibility is what I would put in the first place. If I could succeed on a global scene, why couldn't you? 

I sincerely recommend EducaMentis as an institution that will provide you with all the necessary knowledge.."

Ivana Soldatović

Product Manager

"Daniela's classes are always prepared and delivered with care and attention to personalized needs. She is a creative and highly competent teacher with outstanding teaching methods.

Although the lessons were intense, they never felt that way. Daniela took the time to present the English language as a fun challenge, focusing on pronunciation and grammar. 

Her lessons have helped us gain confidence in our business communication and writing, and we admire her for having the patience to correct our errors.

Daniela has admirable patience, competence, and enthusiasm, and we would recommend her as your next English teacher anytime."

Sanja Krstić

Business Process Consultant 

"She is a brilliant person who brings joy and happiness in learning. With great care she sought the best method that would inspire and support me. And she succeeded! 😊

The exercises were interesting to me and constantly revealed new dimensions of language that I did not know about.

That teaching was an adventure I would always love to repeat!"

Desanka Damnjanović, B.Eng

Department Manager

"Daniela is a teacher who passes on knowledge in a very original and specific way, very different from traditional ones. Her lessons are very dynamic and useful. 

She prepares unusual topics through which I learn grammar and new words in an easier and more interesting way. Each of her lessons is a combination of learning and enjoyment. Thank you!"

Jugoslava Bursać


"Working with Daniela is a beautiful experience!
The individual approach and learning methods that make the class interesting and creative are why I chose to further develop my knowledge with Daniela!

Learning with her is a pleasure for me because she helps me to master new knowledge of English with a smile and ease. I have been learning English for 5 years with her and I owe my perseverance and desire for further improvement of the English language to the teacher who constantly motivates and supports me. 

Working with Daniela is productive and unique. I can't wait for every next lesson because learning English with her is always a different experience for mastering new knowledge. After class, I am happy to have learned many new things  from Daniela who is the most positive person I know. That is why I would gladly recommend everyone to learn English with Daniela!"       

Julija Stojković

Pharmacy student

"Learning English is not as easy as you may think it is. However, I was lucky enough to be taught English by Daniela Kraljic. 

Daniela's teaching methodology and approach to the client are based on the client's personality. During courses, this teacher emphasizes fundamental language skills of speaking and writing. The teacher observes the client's interests and adopts the class to be suitable to his/her mood. 

If you ever come to class feeling more likely to practice conversation, she finds a creative way to combine prepared lessons to your needs.

Daniela is a wonderful teacher. She gives her best to teach in a modern and fun way by bringing joy and knowledge to every class."

Esperanza Ramos Prieto

Senior Finance Manager

"I've known Daniela for fourteen years now. She has skillfully helped me make the next step in my career with her personalised business English program. 

She's to be commended for her professionalism, her concern for her clients, and the quality of her work. She's well organized and works diligently on planning and thoroughly preparing the sessions. 

Her assignments are well conceived, quickly corrected, and promptly returned, and the results are immediately visible. I find Daniela to be uniquely resourceful and adaptive. She has made an outstanding effort to vary course material and present it in different and unusual ways. 

She is receptive to new ideas and constantly looks for innovative methods to present Course content. In addition, Daniela manages her classroom with skill and creativity. Student respect is obvious in her classroom. She deeply cares about her students and they readily follow her guidance. Her approach to teaching has generated a warm and close rapport with her classes as well as our skills. 

She has the intellect, passion, and communicative skills of an outstanding educator, and I recommend her without reservation, having no doubt in my mind that she is eminently worthy of top consideration in the education profession ."

Rocio Rocha

Senior Recruiter

It has been a pleasure working with Daniela. 

Every session we have had has been productive, and I have improved my communication skills thanks to her support and continuous feedback.

I consider that everything has added value and has been useful.

Daniela is a great coach. She is methodical, and each of our sessions was prepared according to my needs and goals. She has provided me with resources and techniques to gain confidence on a daily basis.

I would highlight how personalized the program has been. 
I have learned with her that lack of time is not a problem to keep improving. 

Daniela has focused on

making sure that the lack of time was not a problem for me and she has found a way to make it

possible. I am very happy with the results :)

Dana Živković

Service Delivery Manager/ 

"Daniela and I met more than ten years ago. I had her as a Spanish teacher back in 2010.
Let me begin by saying that Daniela is the most wonderful person I have ever met. She is very dedicated, committed, professional, and always smiling :)

There is nothing Daniela can't teach you, and whatever you think you are incapable of learning, Daniela has a way to prove otherwise.

Thanks to her help, I was able to overcome the obstacles that were a barrier to my learning English.
Daniela taught me to speak two languages fluently - English and Spanish.

There is no doubt that she is a linguistic maestro."

Jelena Jevtić

HR Manager/ Olimpias Knitting, Beneton

"I loved my course! I was very insecure and I was afraid of making mistakes. I felt frustrated but Daniela made a program and plan for me and it was really great! 

The program taught me how to learn on my own. All the exercises are really useful because I can use them whenever  I have to speak in English at work and I feel less stressed because I have a system now and it works for me. I became much more fluent. I totally recommend her personalized program"

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