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Be strategic and take control of your English

If you need faster results, a personalized program, created just for you, in accordance with your specific needs is, most definitely, the right solution for you

What will you get?

  • Premium tailor-made sessions made just for you
  • Immediate and long-lasting results
  • Confidence - you see progress after each session
  • Cost-effective sessions - you learn more in less time
  • Guidance - you'll have professional support throughout the program
  • Life-changing experience - you'll discover your potential and use English as a tool to achieve your higher goals

For faster results, we prioritize your needs and create a personalized program just for you.

Our main focus - practical implementation, project-based work, and result-oriented tasks. 

Our ultimate goal - communicate effectively, with confidence and clear structure.

Neurolanguage Coaching®

A cost-effective and brain-friendly method which combines coaching principles and the principles of Neuroscience. Being familiar with the ways in which our brain works, a Neurolanguage Coach® creates a tailor-made program and an optimal environment in which the client achieves immediate and long-lasting results. The entire NL process follows the way in which our brain works best.

To communicate more effectively, we need a laser-focused approach.

My job is to help you do your job in English

Special Focus


Presenting offers & proposals


Describing trends - graphs & numbers

Interview Preparation 


Expos, Fairs & Conferences


Dealing with complaints

Business Trips...

Meet Daniela

My name is Daniela. I'm a Business English and a Neurolanguage Coach® certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I hold a university degree in English Language and Literature and Cambridge Proficiency Certificate and I'm really passionate about coaching and about languages. I've been living my passion for more than 28 years now and working with some truly amazing clients.

 I'm also an avid language learner. I speak English (obviously) but also Spanish, Portuguese, and Serbian (fluently) and I'm currently acquiring Catalan (pretty successfully, I must say). Being perfectly aware of the difficulties language learners face, I implement very efficient techniques that lead to quicker results with less effort.

Agile, strategic solutions for the 21st-century corporate world

Which option would work best for you?

Personalized 1:1 coaching programs 

starting from €199 

If you've been running in circles, if you feel lost and don't know what to do to improve your English even after years of hard work and many hours spent attending courses, a personalized program, created just for you in accordance with your specific needs is most definitely the right solution for you.

A personalized language coaching program will save you a lot of time and money because you'll be learning exactly what you need - no unnecessary information, no boring exercises.

As a result, you will achieve your goals much faster with long-lasting results. It will help you learn how to learn, how to be in control and how to maintain your knowledge even after your coaching program.

Corporate group programs & workshops

starting from €65

Not traditional English courses.  These are laser-targeted programs focusing on very specific goals, problems, and practical implementation. They provide the necessary clarity and prepare you to use English effectively and do your job in English.

You will learn how to use the skills you already have to master English and also some very useful techniques you can implement immediately so that you can see progress, build your knowledge, and visibly improve your English-speaking skills. They will help you work on what you need without wasting any more time.

After the programs, you will be able to continue working on your own because you will be perfectly aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you will know how to work around your problems and implement all the techniques you've learned in these programs so that you can start taking control of your English.


  starting from €37/month

Membership is the perfect choice if you'd  like  to work on your English at your own pace with access to tons of materials, useful tips, strategies and live sessions, live events, training videos, a structured action plan, and monthly challenges with email and group support with unlimited feedback.

What´'s even more important, you will have a lot of opportunities to practice your English and use it in real-life situations.

We believe that you'll find a lot of value here and achieve all your goals.

You can cancel your membership at any time.

Success Stories

"It has been a pleasure working with Daniela.

Every session has been productive, and I have improved my communication skills thanks to her support and continuous feedback.

Daniela is a great coach. She is methodical, and each of our sessions was prepared according to my needs and goals. She has provided me with resources and techniques to gain confidence on a daily basis.

I would highlight how personalized the program has been.

I have learned with her that lack of time is not a problem to keep improving.

I'm very happy with the results"

Rocio Rocha

Senior Recruiter

 "She is a brilliant person who brings joy and happiness to learning. With great care, she sought the best method that would inspire and support me. And she succeeded! 😊

The exercises were interesting to me and constantly revealed new dimensions of language that I did not know about.
That teaching was an adventure I would always love to repeat!"

Sanja Krstić

Business Process Consultant 

"Daniela's classes are always prepared and delivered with care and attention to personalized needs. She is a creative and highly competent teacher with outstanding teaching methods.

Although the lessons were intense, they never felt that way. Daniela took the time to present the English language as a fun challenge, focusing on pronunciation and grammar.

Her lessons have helped us gain confidence in our business communication and writing, and we admire her for having the patience to correct our errors.

Daniela has admirable patience, competence, and enthusiasm, and we would recommend her as your next English teacher anytime."

Ivana Soldatović

Product Manager

"My performance has improved in my daily life. I don't feel so blocked in email and oral communication. 

My biggest takeaway was being more fluent and more organized in my daily communication. 

I learned to communicate more effectively and I learned many useful phrases and memorization techniques.

I really liked the program. I'm now implementing everything in my day-to-day life. The program has met my expectations 100%."

Carolina Mesquita

International Recruitment Manager

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