Personalized Business English Programs 

Corporate Language Training

Be strategic and take control of your English

No need to "learn" English. You need to learn how to USE English effectively

For faster results, we prioritize your needs and create a personalized program just for you.

Our main focus - practical implementation, project-based work, and result-oriented tasks. 

Our ultimate goal - communicate effectively, with confidence and clear structure.

In a nutshell, my job is to help you do your job in English. You don't need to "learn" English, you need to USE it effectively so that you can DO YOUR JOB in English. It's a SKILL to be mastered, not a school subject to be learned.

Agile, strategic solutions for the 21st-century corporate world

 We need to communicate more efficiently, and for that, we need a laser-focused approach

PLC is a transformational program designed to help you build good language learning habits, identify your strengths and weaknesses, learn how to work on them and use them to your advantage, be in control of the learning process, use English effectively, and continue working on your own after the program, because language mastery never stops.

  • Faster, long-lasting results 
  • Programs adapted to the client's busy schedule
  • Strategic plan and tailored programs
  • No books, we create the necessary materials for you
  • We prepare you to do your job in English

Prepare for:
  • your next presentation

  • your next business trip

  • your next meeting

  • negotiations...

What would work best for you and your team?

Tailor-made group programs

  • 5 week-group program 

  • 1 initial strategy session
  • Personalized plan
  • 5 online sessions (60mins each)
  • 5 weeks of work and targeted practice
  • 1 week of guided practical implementation
  • 2 additional weeks of personalized follow-up
  • Personalized material (PDFs, videos, worksheets)
  • Groups 3-8 participants


Tailor-made workshops

  • 1 initial strategy session
  • 3 hours of online training
  • Personalized material (PDFs, worksheets)
  • 2 additional weeks of personalized follow-up
  • Groups 5-15 participants


To show you how effective the programs are, I invite you to a free demo session (you will be under no obligation to work with me but the demo session will put you in the right direction and will help you change your approach to language mastery for faster results)

Together, we'll create programs tailored to you and your specific needs. 

If you need more information, please get in touch:

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