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Welcome to your Membership area! This is just a glimpse of what you'll find inside. You'll have access to free training, Q&As, live chats, challenges, free resources, useful tips, regular feedback, and much more. All this is created with one goal in mind: to give you some guidance, the right resources, a strategic action plan, and the necessary instructions so that you can work on your own and learn how to implement everything you learn right away.

You can join our Confident English Speakers and you will be given access to a platform where we'll be working on projects together. You'll get all the instructions when you join and you can unsubscribe anytime if you think that this is not the right place for you. No questions asked.

As a member, you'll have access to free workshops and live sessions and you'll be the first to know when there's a new challenge or event. You will also have discounts for all future products and programs.

You will get suggestions and an action plan, but you'll also be free to browse and work on your own combining the material and the resources as you wish. The whole idea is to give you all the tools and show you how to use them so that you can finally be in charge of the learning process and get unstuck once and for all.

Getting started
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Building foundation
Building the right vocabulary
Useful techniques and resources

We're all "work in progress" and so is this Membership area. You will always find something new here and you will always be able to ask your questions and share your thoughts. There will also be a lot of opportunities for you to put everything you're learning into practice.

If you think this may be something that can interest you, click the button below and join us.

Happy learning!

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Dealing with mistakes

Mistakes are an inseparable part of the learning process. We should be focusing, not fixating on them. They are a sign that we're learning. Therefore, we must welcome them, understand them and learn how to work around them. The following videos will provide some clarity and point you n the right direction.

Getting unstuck

You feel stuck and you don't know where to start or what to do to improve your fluency and your confidence. Yo've been studying for years but still feel inscure and you know that you're missing new career opportunities because you believe that you're not fluent enough or good enough.

Trust me, you are good enough. You just need thorough analysis of your burning problems and a structured action plan. You need to know how to prioritize and what to focus on first. Finally, you need meaningful practice and you need to activate what you already know. Only then will you be able to expand your knowledge further.

You don't need MORE grammar and MORE vocabulary! You just need the RIGHT grammar and the RIGHT vocabulary. You need the RIGHT approach. 

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