If we want sustainable results, we need a solid plan. A solid plan can be created only if we are perfectly aware of our needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Once we've analyzed those, we can start creating a strategic action plan with clearly defined steps and laser-targeted practice.

We need to work smarter, not harder. We need to be strategic about our English. 

In this workshop, we will focus on buildiing a solid foundation for your future work. It's easier than you think. We will cover the following:

- You'll become aware of your strengths and weaknesses

- You'll define your needs and your goals

- You'll create an action plan with laser-focused exercises

- You'll introduce English into your schedule

- You'll learn how to prioritize

- You'll learn how to be strategic about your English

It will be a 2-hour interactive workshop during which you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your thoughts.

We will have a check-in session in a month during which, we will analyze your progress and adjust the action plan so that you can continue working on your own. The check-in sessions will be organized on March 8th & 10th @ 5pm & 1pm respectively.

2-hour workshop

What's included:

- Needs analysis

- Action plan

- Practical implementation tips

- 1 Check-in session in a month

(to assess progress & adjust the action plan)

Price: €47

Date: 25. 1. @ 5pm CET

Date: 27. 1. @ 1pm CET

Venue: Zoom meeting