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Problem Solver Program is a highly personalised business English program for busy professionals with Intermediate+ level of English who need to get unstuck and communicate effectively in English.

The reason why you don't feel confident when you speak English is because you don't really know the basics so you keep relying on your mother tongue and keep translating from and to it. Then you make more mistakes and, as a result, you become less and less confident. A vicious circle that is preventing you from pursuing new career opportunities just because you don´t have a solid foundation.

In this webinar, we will focus on buildiing a solid foundation for your future work. It's easier than you think. We will cover the following:

- You'll learn what's been holding you back so far

- You'll learn what you need to do to build a solid foundation

- You'll learn how to be strategic about your English

It will be a 60-minute interactive webinar during which you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your thoughts.

All the participants will have a secured free 30-minute audit call with me to discuss their specific language learning problems. I'll share the scheduling link after the webinar.