The reasons behind our speaking blocks, have more to do with the lack of structure, clarity and confidence than the lack of knowledge.

Language mastery is a never-ending process. That's precisely why you need effective strategies in place.We can always be better and do better but that's not the point. We should strive towards EXCELLENCE , not PERFECTION. because the former is achievable, the latter is nonexistent. Wrong perspective can make everything much harder. The right one is a game changer.

Our main goal is to find your own way, your own strategies and systems that will help you use English effectively at work. That does NOT mean that we need to LEARN MORE. It means that we need to BE STRATEGIC, work smart and use effectively what we already have. 

I believe in systems, strategies and priorities because they help us achieve better results with less effort.

I believe that we must find our own way of doing things because that's when everything becomes easier and makes sense.

As a language coach (with more than 28 years of experience), I know what works and I know how to find what works for you.

As a language learner (with more than 40 years of working on my languages), I know how to take control of language mastery.

As a mom and a language coach, I know how to use languages as a tool (I helped my daughters start using Catalan effectively after just 4 months, without speaking Catalan myself - I knew how to use my expertise and experience to help them overcome language barriers and challenges)

Language mastery goes far beyound memorizing grammar rules and lists of new words or "nice vocabulary". 

I believe in EXCELLENCE  and endless possibilities and I believe that we're capable of amazing things with the right approach. The right approach is the one that works for you. 

Find your missing piece of the puzzle with us.



You need to do your job in English, not  "learn" English (unless you're really into languages). At least, that's what 90% of my clients need.

My clients are successful professionals (mostly managers) who need to do business in English.

They need applicable strategies and systems they can use right away.

They don't want to study tenses or do grammar exercises.

They don't have time or patience for something that does not bring visible results - now.

They need to take control of their English just as they've taken control of their business.

More often than not, the reason behind their speaking blocks is not the lack of knowledge but rather the lack of confidence.

My job is to help them do their job in English and overcome anxiety and speaking blocks (with some applicable strategies and effective systems).

You don't need to learn more, you need to be strategic. You need to prioritize and use the language effectively. 

You need your own strategy.


Get Over Anxiety & Language Blocks


If we want sustainable results, we need a solid plan. A solid plan can be created only if we are perfectly aware of our needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Once we've analyzed those, we can start creating a strategic action plan with clearly defined steps and laser-targeted practice.

We need to work smarter, not harder. We need to be strategic about our English. 

In this workshop, we will focus on buildiing a solid foundation for your future work. It's easier than you think. We will cover the following:

- We will focus on what exactly you need to do in English and create a plan for it

- We'll introduce English into your busy schedule and add some laser-focused exercises

- You'll discover 3 main reasons behind your speaking blocks & your lack of confidence

-  You'll learn 3 useful techniques for overcoming speaking blocks

- We'll cover 4 verb tenses, 5 prepositions & 4 modal verbs you need every day

- You'll learn how to prioritize & how to be strategic about your English

It will be a 2-hour interactive workshop during which you will have the opportunity to ask questions and implement everything you've learned.

We will have a check-in session in a month during which, we will analyze your progress and adjust the action plan so that you can continue working on your own. The check-in session will be organized on January 25th at 18h.

This worshop is for you if:

- Your level of English is B1 or up

- You feel stuck and lack confidence when you need to speak in English

- You don't know how to use tenses properly

- You have a solid knowledge of grammar, understand alsmost everything but go blank when you need to say something in English

- You understand that mastering a language is a process and that it takes time

- You love systems and strategies - you want everything to make sense

- You want to achieve excellence, not perfection

This worshop is not for you if:

- Your level of English is A2 or lower than that

- You believe you can learn English in a couple of months and get over with it

- You think you don't need to practice or use English in order to keep it alive

- You're not willing to try something different from what you've been doing so far

- You want to speak English perfectly (I'm sorry but I don't believe in perfection. I believe in excellence)

This workshop will not fix your language problems. You will! It will help you do it much faster.

2-hour workshop

What's included:

- 3 techniques for overcoming speaking blocks

- 4 verb tenses, 5 prepositions & 4 modal verbs you need every day

- Elaboration of a personalized action plan

- Practical implementation tips

- Worksheets & targeted practice for your further independent work

- Christmas bonus - Self-paced pre-recorded mini-course (value €34)

- 1 Check-in session in a month (to assess progress & adjust the action plan 25.1. at 18hCET)

 Regular price: €47

Christmas offer €37 

Date: 21. 12. 

Time:  17:30h (CET)



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