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Transform your business English skills this summer

Join our 60-day challenge and get unstuck with your English with 5-minute daily tasks and a supportive online community for business professionals 

Welcome aboard to your Summer Reset Challenge  


Summer Reset Challenge


Confident Speakers Club

Transform the way you communicate in English

Transform the way you think in English

Transform the way you "learn" English

and become a confident English speaker

If ...

You've been studying English for years...

And you've reached Intermediate/Upper Intermediate level but still lack confidence...

But you still have problems expressing yourself in English...

And you keep freezing and forgetting words when you need to speak in English...

What's more, you have no opportunities to practice English and you don't know even where to start and how to practice with better and sustainable results...

The 60-day Summer Reset Challenge and the Confident Speakers Club may be the right place for you

With our 60-Day Summer Reset Challenge, you will transform not only your English proficiency but also the way you approach mastering the language. This challenge is specifically designed for non-native English business professionals, managers, and owners who are looking to fill the gaps in their knowledge, establish new learning habits, and gain confidence in their English communication skills.

Why Join the Summer Reset Challenge?

- Elevate Your Career - Unlock new career opportunities by improving your English communication skills. Whether you're preparing for a promotion, looking to switch roles, or aiming to lead international projects, mastering English is key

- Build Confidence - Gain the confidence to speak and write in English with ease. Our challenge will help you feel more comfortable in meetings, presentations, and everyday business interactions.

- Create Lasting Habits - Establish a daily habit of using and doing something in English. Consistency is crucial, and just 5 minutes a day can lead to significant improvements over time.

- Comprehensive Approach - Our challenge covers all aspects of language mastery —more importantly, it will help you make sense of Engish.

What's included in the challenge?

- Daily Tasks - Engage in daily activities designed to improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Each task is tailored to fit into your busy schedule, requiring just 5 minutes a day. (so that you can sip your margaritas on the beach and enjoy the challenge)

- Unlimited support in our Telegram group - Join a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Share your progress, exchange tips, and stay motivated by connecting with others on the same journey. 

- 3 Live Sessions - Join 3  Q&A sessions with your coach (the 1st week of July, the 1st week of August, and the 1st week of September. Get your questions answered, receive personalized tips and support, analyze your progress, and get additional guidance.

- Expert assistance - Learn from an experienced professional who specializes in business English training, learning strategies, and customized solutions. Daniela will guide you every step of the way, providing insights and feedback to help you improve.

- Supportive Community - Join a supportive community of like-minded professionals. Share your progress, exchange tips, and stay motivated by connecting with others on the same journey.

How to Get Started

1. Sign Up Today - Click the link below to join the Summer Reset Challenge.

2. Receive Daily Tasks - Starting July 1st, you'll receive daily tasks and tips directly to your inbox.

3. Dedicate 3-5 minutes every day - Participate in daily tasks and connect with our community while sipping your margaritas on the beach.

4. Transform the way you've been learning English so far - Watch your English proficiency and confidence grow day by day.

Make the most of your summer and prepare for new career opportunities in September. The 60-Day Summer Reset Challenge is designed to fit into your busy life while providing substantial improvements in your English skills.

No boring grammar, no lists of words to memorize, no fill-in-the-blanks traditional exercises. Only practical implementation. Because there's no real progress and no transformation without practical implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is perfect for non-native English business professionals, managers, and owners who want to improve their English skills and prepare for new career opportunities but feel stuck and don't know how to improve and where to start.

How much time do I need to dedicate each day?

Just 5 minutes a day! Our exercises are designed to be quick yet effective, fitting into even the busiest schedules allowing you to advance your English skills while enjoying your summer holiday.

What if I miss a day?

No problem! You can catch up on missed tasks at your own pace. Consistency is important, but we understand that life happens. As you need just 5 min a day, you can catch up the following day or whenever you have 5-10 minutes to spare.

What's my investment?

5 minutes a day and €52 for 2 months of daily tasks, unlimited support in our Telegram group, 3 live group sessions (that will be recorded in case you can't make it), and access to my CSC (Confident Speakers Club) materials which includes the G.O.A.L GET UNSTUCK self-paced training. 

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive a welcome email with all the details about the challenge. Once we've received your payment, you´ll receive a confirmation email and some prep material. Starting July 1st, you'll begin receiving your daily tasks, tips, and all the information about our Telegram group and our live group sessions.

Transform your English and elevate your career this summer. Join the Summer Reset Challenge - Enjoy your transformation while enjoying your margaritas this summer. 

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This 60-day Summer Reset is an excellent choice for you if you're looking for:

  • a safe place to practice your English (you don't have to show your face or name in our Zoom meetings or Telegram group if you don't want to)
  • guided practice (you'll receive personalized feedback, advice, and recommendations to help you advance your English communication skills)
  • opportunities to practice & use English (apart from the activities mentioned above, we use voice messages & Telegram chats, among other strategies)
  • challenges & learning opportunities (we work on weekly and daily tasks & small projects)
  • life-long learning & personal development opportunities
  • ways to elevate your speaking & communication skills
  • strategies that will help you start taking control of your English
  • better accuracy & confidence when speaking English
  • meaningful practice to elevate your Intermediate + skills

This challenge would not be a good place for you if:

  • you're looking for traditional English classes
  • you want to do grammar exercises & have unstructured speaking practice
  • you believe you can learn a language in a couple of months
  • you believe you can master a language without using it
  • you expect to overcome all your language problems during this challenge
  • you're not willing to put in the work
  • you expect miracles & overnight success
  • your level is not Intermediate +

Impressions from other challenges, webinars, and programs :

Join us and see what we can do for you. We'll be thrilled to have you here, and if after the first 7 days, you think this is not the right place for you, you'll get your investment back. After the initial 7 days, refunds won't be possible because you will then receive an extensive structured program to follow. 

For the price of not even 1 coffee a day, you will get clarity, structure, meaningful practice, personalized feedback, and a supportive community. More than anything, you will transform the way you've been learning English so far.

We've decided to be exceptional at what we do. Join our growing community of exceptional professionals who share similar values and goals and become a confident speaker with our help and support.

From a reluctant speaker to a confident communicator - Be exceptional, not perfect!


Meet your coach

Daniela is a Business English and a Neurolanguage Coach® certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 

She holds a university degree in English Language and Literature and a Cambridge Proficiency Certificate and she's really passionate about coaching and about languages.

She's been living her passion for more than 28 years now and working with some truly amazing clients. More here.

She's also an avid language learner. She speaks 4 languages and she understands all the challenges language learners face. Using coaching principles and the latest findings in Neuroscience, she's developed effective strategies for faster and more efficient language mastery.

She seeks excellence in everything she does and she cherishes long-lasting professional relationships.

She believes that we can do anything with the right approach. She offers personalized language learning programs because we're all unique and we just need to find out what works for us in order to triumph.

Her mission is to empower and transform with a clear action plan and radiant confidence.

From a reluctant speaker to a confident communicator prioritizing excellence over perfection.

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From a reluctant speaker to a confident communicator


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