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Before you even start working on your English, you need to understand the learning process, know what works well and what doesn't work that well, and debunk some myths that are standing behind your speaking blocks and anxiety. This guidebook will provide some clarity and point you In the right direction: 

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More often than not, the reasons behind our speaking blocks have little to do with the lack of knowledge. Before you start working on your ¨"language problems" focus on the real problems in the background. The following training and workbook are part of my digital course. They will help you identify some of your speaking blocks and understand the importance of being strategic about your English: 

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To be strategic about your English, you need to prioritize and have a clear Action Plan. This 2024 planner will help you start planning your language-learning journey for better and more sustainable results: 

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Journaling is another great learning technique. It can help you stay focused, consolidate what you've learned and focus on what you still need to work on so that you can start taking control of the learning process. You'll be surprised how much you can improve after just a couple of months of reflective journaling: 

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