Problem Solver Program

You have a solid knowledge of the English grammar, vocabulary even, but you somehow freeze and you're not able to speak when you're supposed to. Then you convince yourself that you need more grammar and more vocabulary.

The truth is, you just need the RIGHT grammar and the RIGHT vocabulary. You need STRUCTURE and the RIGHT APPROACH. You need to learn how to learn, how to master this skill.

English is a skill, NOT a school subject to be learned. You need to master English. English is not your end goal, it's just a tool you need to learn how to use in order to achieve your higher goals (promotion, better job, successful career...)

Improving the way in which we communicate, most certainly helps us advance our business and our career. If we're not confident when speaking English in a business environment, our performance can be affected. We may be perceived as insecure business-wise. People we do business with may think we lack business skills, not English skills.

That's why it's crucially important to work on your English-speaking confidence. You need to be yourself in English! It's easier than you think.

Very often, there is NOTHING wrong with your English. In fact, it's your own opinion, what you think about your English that's holding you back and preventing your from exploring your full potential. Usually, it's just some minor changes you need to make. You need to understand the process.

You lack confidence because you lack structure. Then you unconsciously rely on your mother tongue and as a result you make more mistakes. Then you doubt everything you say, you become discouraged and insecure and you start looking for resources and more exercise trying to fix your problems without any structure whatsoever, and without any idea as to what it is you need to fix or how you need to fix it.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help you become an autonomous learner in charge of the learning process. 

Learn how to work on and improve your English on your own with some clear guidelines and action plan. Learn how to work on your weaknesses and how to use your strengths to your advantage.

You need to:

  • Be perfectly aware of your needs
  • Be perfectly aware of the problems that are preventing you from meeting those needs
  • Solve the most urgent problems first.
  • Learn how to set and adjust learning goals
  • Learn what you need to do and how you need to implement everything you're learning
  • Learn how to track and measure your progress
  • Become an autonomous learner in charge of the learning process

Success Stories

success stories by Daniela Kraljic

   Your coach

My name is Daniela. I'm the creator of this program and I'm also a Business English and a Neurolanguage Coach® certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I hold a university degree in English Language and Literature and Cambridge Proficiency Certificate and I'm passionate about teaching and acquiring languages. I've been teaching English for more than 25 years now and the last 10 years I've been helping busy business professionals pursue new career opportunities by advancing their English skills. I help you be you in English. 

As a language learner myself (I speak 4 languages - acquiring the 5th one at the moment), I'm perfectly aware of all the problems  language learners face when acquiring a new language. I use my expertise as a business English coach and my experience as a language learner to help you reach your goals much faster. In addition, I combine the coaching principles with the principles of neuroscience in order to create a personalised program just for you. This program will help you become an autonomous learner in charge of the learning process.

I do no offer simple English lessons. I offer transformational experience. I help you be what you want to be and do what you want to do in English.

This program has been created for business professionals who are busy and don't have time to attend classes and do endless exercises. They don't want to waste any time or money. They need fast results. They need to be in charge of the learning process. 

The ultimate goal of this program is to solve your most urgent problems first and then give you the tools that will help you become an autonomous learner in charge of the learning process.

You've been studying English for years now but you still lack confidence and feel lost. You're afraid that you may miss great career opportunities because you lack good command of the English language. You're worried because you believe that your business partners may think you lack confidence in general and see you as less competent not knowing that you just don't know how to express yourself in English. 

This program goes beyond grammar. It clarifies your doubts and provides solid foundation for your further improvement. You're still struggling with English because you don't know what your exact problems are and you don't know what you need to do to identify them and solve them. You're running in circles, you're frustrated and insecure and this lack of confidence is affecting your performance at work and has become a threat to your career.

The "Problem Solver" program will help you identify your problems and needs and then it will teach you how to learn, how to approach language learning and how to implement everything you've learned right away. You DO NOT need more grammar and more vocabulary. You need the RIGHT grammar and the RIGHT vocabulary. You need a personalise approach.

No boring books, no meaningless exercises, no frustration, no waste of time, no waste of money. Unless you know what you need to fix and unless you have the right tolls to fix it, you'll never be able to do it. You' re NOT supposed to learn a language, you're supposed to master a skill. It's easier that you think.

After the program, you will be able to continue working on your own because you will be perfectly aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you will know how to work around your problems and implement all the techniques you've learned in this program and become an autonomous learner in charge of the learning process. You will know what you need to do in any situation and you will be able to speak English with confidence and further advance your career.


Is this program right for me?

Yes, if your level of proficiency in English is Intermediate or up, if you've tried everything and you still feel insecure, if you don't have time for traditional courses, if you don't know where to start or what to do to improve your English-speaking skills.

What will this program do for me?

It will teach you how to use the skills you already have to master English. It will provide very useful techniques that you will implement right away so that you can see progress, build your knowledge and visibly improve your English-speaking skills. It will show you how to work on what you really need without wasting any time or money.

What if I don't have time to study?

That's the beauty of it. It's a self-paced program. You will be given specific tasks you need to complete between sessions. You choose when and how you'll do them. The whole idea is for you to enjoy the process, to implement the techniques you've learned and adjust the methods to your needs with my help and guidance. You WILL have time because, mastering English will become a very enjoyable habit.

If you still have doubts, drop me a line or book a free 30-minute session to find out more. I'll be happy to have you here only if you want to be here because my mission is to grow and help others grow. Happy learning!

This is not a traditional English course. You've tried those and there's obviously something missing. This program will provide the necessary clarity and put you on the right track. You need clarity, precision and skill. I offer highly practical solution because I believe that we can't afford to waste any time, especially  when it comes to our career. 

I'm realistic and efficient. I believe in hard work and most of all, I believe that we're capable of amazing things with the right approach.

If you're serious about mastering something, you must understand the process and enjoy it.

Happy learning!