Problem Solver Q&A Session


Problem Solver Q&A Session

We study English for years but still don't feel confident.

We want to sound professional but we get stuck and go blank.

We then think we need MORE vocabulary and MORE grammar.

What we really need is the RIGHT approach. We need to find what works for us. We need to learn how to master a skill. We need to activate what we already know.

When we work alone, without structure or guidance, we're definitely "very busy working on our English" and this hard work gives us this false sense of accomplishing something. And we are improving, but the hard cold truth is that we're improving at a snail's pace.

As a result, we're getting frustrated because we never seem to reach that desired level of fluency and confidence and we're still making a lot of mistakes.

What we actually need is a structured action plan with clear steps we need to take. The Problem Solver Program is designed to provide a clear roadmap so that we can finally get unstuck.

But before we even start implementing this plan, we need a thorough analysis of our strengths and weaknesses. We need to be aware of our problems/mistakes in order to be able to solve/correct them once and for all.

We will be hosting monthly Q&A sessions during which we'll be addressing your doubts and your mistakes. You'll get some useful tips and strategies that will help you become aware of your mistakes, understand why you're making them and finally stop making them.

All you have to do is fill in the form below and you'll get your link and further instructions soon.

Welcome & happy learning!