The Method 

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A Very Unique Method

The method that I use is the result of years of experience. I explain it in detail in all my courses but here is the outline: 

I call my method "Sherlock" method because YOU explore, analyse, experiment, deduce and finally acquire knowledge. YOU are an active participant and I'm there to explain what you don't know, clarify your doubts, lead you, show you how and finally give you the opportunity to practice, which is crucial in this process. 

Before YOU start the learning process, I first explain the basics (3 very simple things about English language) which you will use and then build upon, on your own. The idea is to give you the tools and the knowledge, and then YOU practice and improve your skills until you master them. I ALWAYS explain grammar within the context and that is how you learn exactly what YOU need. 

It's very direct and highly practical which makes the learning process much faster. I believe that learning how to learn is a crucial part of language acquisition. I also believe that we must enjoy the learning process and that we're capable of amazing things with the rights approach.

As a Neurolanguage Coach® , I combine coaching principles and principles of Neuroscience which help me discover your preferred learning method, design a program just for you and then create optimal learning environment so that you can achieve immediate and long-lasting results.

There is no such thing as results without work; however, that work does not have to be painful. And that is what I help you with - I take away your pain.

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* Neurolanguage Coaching® - registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling