Why are You Learning English?


This is probably the first question you should ask yourself. Why am I studying English? Most frequent answers are: "I need it for my work"; "I need English to boost my career"; "I need English to study a course at the university"; "Learning new languages is my passion"...

That's exactly it! You need English for a specific purpose! Some people study it for the love of it, but most people need English to achieve certain goal. And that should be your starting point.

Things get much easier when you know why you're doing something, so keep that in mind! Language learners usually get lost or discouraged because they lose perspective. They don't know where to start or what steps to take. Finally, they give up. Do not let that happen!

This is what you should do:

1. First of all, set specific goals! The vague idea: "I want to learn English", or "I need English for work" is not enough. Be more specific, set precise goals. That is what we do in our courses. For example, you are not simply learning Present Simple Tense, you are learning how to use it, where to use it and why use it. When you have a specific goal, the learning process is easier because you know the exact steps you should take. You are NOT learning Present Simple Tense, you need to give a short presentation (that's your specific goal), so you are learning Present Simple Tense within this task, you are learning the exact grammar & vocabulary you need to reach your goal - give a presentation. As simple as that!

And now that you have the ability to DO something specific in English, you will feel proud of your achievement and you will be motivated to continue learning English. And because you did all the work on your own and because you mastered a meaningul task, you will want more. And that's the magic of it.

2. The second thing you should do is find professional help, but only to help you start the whole process. Find someone who will tell you how to learn, someone who will explain the basics and clarify your doubts. Find someone who will set you on the journey and give you the equipment you will then use to travel further. The job of a good teacher is to become unnecessary. When that happens, it means that they did their job well.

You can have lessons or take an online course, anything that will help you continue the journey. Whatever you choose, you MUST be an active participant! That is how you master the skills and learn to use them.

Success without work is NOT possible; however, it does not have to be painful! Choose visely and you WILL improve your skills in no time.

Good luck, stay safe & don't forget to be happy!