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Language Coaching Sessions

The main purpose of using a language s to communicate, to transmit your message.

Language is just a tool we use to achieve something.

We fear that we cannot communicate properly in a foreign language because we lack grammar and vocabulary.

What we need is STRUCTURE. We need the right grammar and the right vocabulary. 

We need to USE the language. 

More than anything else, we need the right approach. 

We are all different and that's precisely why a one-size-fits-all approach is not very effective. We need to find what works for us. We need to learn how to learn and how to communicate effectively without getting stuck or overwhelmed.

Thank you for embarking on this wonderful language-learning journey with me. I'll do my best to make it unique, enjoyable, and successful. 

Welcome aboard!

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Language Coaching Package - 5 sessions:          €88 (1 installment)